Note: AirGuard Immune is effective at the time of pandemic


Airguard Immune breaks down pathogens in the air into harmless vapors which normally are present in the healthy air.

There have been many attempts to develop the technology similar to Airguard Immune since the end of 20th century. Famous international corporations have been involved with no durable results.

Airguard Immune represents the patented technology which provides long life span disinfection function for decades while most of other brands can’t promise prolonged air disinfection treatment.

Due to particular technical characteristics Airguard Immune will be effective against all known and upcoming unknown airborne infectious viruses and bacteria.

Revolutionary new air Disinfection Systems

Airguard Immune is an innovative device in the range of professional air disinfection systems.


Airguard Immune can kill microbes in indoor facilities while people inside carry on with their daily routine.

Airguard Immune employs microbiological, chemical and physical scientific knowledge and experience.

Heavy duty doctor’s durable equipment

Airguard Immune breaks down ALL known organic pathogens including viruses, bacteria and molds.

Created by scientists with years of research experience.


Medical challenges for the Airguard Immune systems


Daily protection

On a daily basis, the device serves as protection against an increased concentration of viruses, bacteria, mold and other pathogens in the air. It reduces the risk of spreading infections in children and adults with normal immune status


Critical cases

This system will help in the treatment of patients who are vulnerable to infections due to a weakened immune system: patients after chemotherapy, critically ill Covid-19 patients, etc.