• The unique technology in the world which effectively cleans the air from viruses, bacteria, spores of mold, as well as other volatile organic compounds, without replacing filter elements or dangerous UVC lamps;
  • 24 000 species of organic compounds are being effectively eliminated by the Airguard Immune;
  • The effectiveness of the technology is confirmed by various test results and laboratory experiments;
  • The photocatalytic air cleaning system Airguard Immune proves to be the most effective air cleaning system from any other similar products which are presented on the market.

Airguard's Immune unique technology

How does AIRGUARD work?

Inactivation of microorganisms passes through four stages:

Trapping microorganisms on the surface of the photocatalyst


Destruction of the cell membrane by ОН - radicals


Leakage of intracellular fluid and death of microorganisms


Complete acidification of the cell substance to CO2 and H2O

Oxidation and destruction of absorbed pollutants by UV-radiation
Adsorption of contaminants
on surfaces
Platinum and polladium topped catalyst
Desorption end products
H20, CO2, TIO2