Note: AirGuard Immune is effective at the time of pandemic

Airguard Immune from the engineering point of view

Purgaty GMBH is the official engineering office which is focused on LED technology but we also has more than 5 years’ experience with antibacterial and antivirus functionality with different materials. These materials are so called biocide products.

One off the materials which is very strong and powerful working against germs including fungi is Titan dioxide This material works under Sunlight but much better in combination with UV light.

The positive side of TiO2 is that it is total harmless . It is allowed to be used as E171 in the food and other industries. It`s a way to inactivate germs without chemicals.

The products from Airguard combine 2 technologies into one. That means they activate the functionality of Titan dioxide with UV light. The outcome is a photonically process which destroy the cells of bacteria’s and viruses and inactivate them. That means they cells are dead and can not produce new cells anymore.

This is why TiO2 is used very often as material to coat surfaces. You can find many information’s in the internet about TiO2 coating for surfaces. This is the same process as Airguard doing. They found a way how to increase the surfaces extremely area in their systems and then they coat them with TiO2.

Normally it is not necessary to explain specialist like Doctors, Hygienic specialist this process because they should know the functionality of TiO2 Photocatalytic process.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best regards

Ing. Thomas Gombas