Note: AirGuard Immune is effective at the time of pandemic


About Us

Airguard GMBH is an Austrian technology company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative air disinfection devices. At the moment, as the pandemic-fueled fears have flooded public consciousness, many brands and “white labeling” business agents are eager to participate in a highly competitive air purifiers market. Some of the existing air cleaning solutions can be efficient in killing microbes but are dangerous for humans and thus not recommended for use indoors in the presence of people.

Other similar looking gadgets may be harmless but not efficient. A well-balanced combination of microbiologically proven indoor air disinfection outcomes and top-notch safety standards is what makes Airguard GmbH stand out among other brands of air purifiers.



To create a healthy environment for our customers



Protects from inhaling airborne microbes and toxic compounds.


Know How

Is the specially engineered disinfecting carrier which breaks down the organic pathogens



Reduction of pathogens in the air to the safe level for the immune system

Our innovative technology ensures a smooth yet efficient air disinfection process while making it possible for people to continue staying inside. The main focus of Airguard GmbH’s equipment is to protect the respiratory tract of our clients from excessive concentrations of harmful pathogens in the air. By reducing the viral as well as bacteria and mold aggressiveness in the air, our machines help your own immune system to better perform its defensive function.

Our philosophy is to offer a fair and professional air disinfection technology capable of mitigating the consequences of the pandemic for our customers while allowing them to return their lifestyles back to normal. We are a young company but we have managed to win the trust of professionals. Among our first customers are oncology and plastic surgery clinics , nursing homes and exclusive jewelry boutiques, offices and public health institutions, as well as regular households.


We pay special attention to innovation and continuously invest in R&D. We cooperate with the most reputable medical and research centers in Austria and in Europe in general.

— Airguard Immune Team


In order to address one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind in it’s contemporary history, Airguard GmbH has conducted unprecedented and uniquely sophisticated tests of our equipment in the direct presence of a live human SARS -Covid-2 coronavirus producing excellent results against this very dangerous virus.

Airguard GmbH’s products have a pure EU pedigree and are being offered in the form of strongly built heavy-duty hospital-style equipment.

This and many other features of the Airguard GmbH technology have rightfully propelled our company to the position of a new innovative market leader.